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By showmethegadget
Since gasoline rates seem to fluctuate more frequently than any other commodity, I think being able to "Lock In" to a rate for a given period of time, might be an attractive choice for many people. I'm not yet sure how the cost would be figured, but it would serve to provide some sort of insurance for higher gas prices. Perhaps it could be part of some sort of investment choice for stockholders of a particular oil company. Or, a way for non-stockholders to obtain something like a certificate of deposit for a specific company. The time period could be maybe three to six months. I, obviously, know very little about investing, but I think the idea could be developed in a way beneficial both to the oil companies and the buyer.

Reward: You Decide!
By DNiedacess
Through out the US you can go to alot of gas stations and put down what ever amount of money you can afford (like $100-10000 or what ever) and the current gas price is locking in for the duration of your balance. I have many firends who still have gas prices locking in on their balance from post $2 era.
By fishingbradman
This is a good idea. So good that a fuel company in St Cloud Minnesota has been doing it for years. Not sure if I would be violating the rules by posting a link, so just google St Cloud+lock in gas price, or St Cloud+fuel bank, and you should get to their site.
I used to use then service, but I found I was wrong on gas prices as often as I was right. Gas would go down, and I would end up paying more for gas than market price.

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