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By tsjazz2001
Why didn't anyone think of self-destruction/deleting email? Probably 80-90% of emails I get at work during the day are short messages to tell me something and don't require any action...You open them, register some info and either store for future reference, but most of the time you trash it..I know some mail clients (like Novell Groupwise that I'm using) can send delayed emails, so the time interaction module with server is already there. What if you had a check box on your outgoing mail that would trigger self-delete in 1/2/x days after it was opened?
CIA and the White House would love it ;-)

Reward: No spam on my mailbox for 12 months ;-)
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By thinktankak
just expanding on your great idea :-))

when the receiver opens a self destruct email, the e-mail notifies him at the end of it that it will delete its self in "X" number of min, displaying a clock counting down to zero when it disappears.

Great idea, hop it is soon produced!
By coup83
already exists. Part of many companies' ironically titled "document retention program" Except they're usually deleted on the order of months, not days.
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By Michael D. Grissom
There is a great program out there that I used many years ago that does exactly that.

You can not only determine how long before your email will self destruct before sending it but HOW it destructs. They have many creative visual and audible destruction methods that come with the program.

Until I read this thread, I had completely forgotten about it. Now I must go find it again. Thanks!

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