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By zyx Rationalist
Internet connection can be accessed as one connection even with multiple telephone lines. Even though Telephone lines are Sound carriers they can be used to send Digital signals, with multiple telephone internet connection we can get full blown Internet TV.

So I propose that with creation of a Radio Modem that can convert analog radio signal into digital ones in combination of multiple radio frequency we can get Television from radio stations.

The broadcasting of multiple digital signals can be done at very close and adjacent frequencies.

Reward: If you the reader of this Idea really wants to have an MOBILE Radio TV with you, then only you can help in doing so, its simple - just do the following: Send everybody in your address book an email saying: Go to and search "zyx"
By Guest
Do you have any clue what your talking about? First of were allready doign this with Cell phones an d PDAs. Second it would be completly pointless to do this because there is not enough bandwith in radio signals to have a good enough conection for any one to suport this idea.
By abarthbrava
Bandwidth is not a problem, here in the UK many people are recieving digital tv through standard aerials with the full interactivity you can get with having a satellite dish.
Also, for the more portable solution, GPRS has come along and if you pop down to you will find video conferencing is now available on mobile phones so the future implementation of tv into a mobile digital device is very near!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Guest is right. Think of bandwidth this way; you can only stuff 27 people (the data) in a VW (the twisted pair copper telephone line). You are proposing the idea of cramming at least a few hundred people (FOR EACH TV CHANNEL) into that same VW. For 40 channels you would have to get a very minimum of TWELVE THOUSAND people in that VW.

I don't think ANYTHING is impossible but this would be pushing the envelope for me.

Note: Last world record set Nov. 1999 Timmons Canada for 27 people in one VW -- for you trivia buffs who might lose sleep over this.
By joly_jones
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By Michael D. Grissom
Hayes did something similar to this on their 2400 baud modems in the BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) days (80's) before the internet was invented by Al Gore ;) --(That's an insider American political joke -- against popular belief, Al never really said that).

This is really expensive for what it does but because not everyone involved in an internet conference is necessarily computer literate it makes good sense -- just like it did for Hayes's with their independent BBS email handling 2400 baud external modem before the internet was invented.

If you can afford it, a dedicated independent and automatically upgradeable (I read their website) function is unbeatable unless the company goes under.

Don't read below this line unless you're insatiably curious...

Point of interest; my job at the time was evaluating those Hayes 2400 baud email modems and during the evaluation a press release from a national engineering conference proclaimed that it was impossible for copper telephone lines to pass more than 2400 baud. Eight weeks later, US Robotics started shipping 9600 baud modems and kept upping the anti on baud over copper rapidly making fools of them all. Now we have DSL and ISDN over copper wires which blows the doors off 9600 thru 56,000 baud OVER COPPER WIRES. Amazing techniques of data compression (thank you Mr. ZIP from the 80's) and the usage of the "skin effect" (discovered before the 40's) for conductive wire made all this possible. It always amazes me how slow we are to implement great PROVEN discoveries of the past.
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By Michael D. Grissom
One more thing about Hayes modems, shortly after I finished the evaluation, lighting came down my 80' amateur radio tower on the hard line coax and blew a large hole dead center through the 2400 baud Hayes modem. This was not even remotely covered by the warranty but I mailed it back to them anyway just for fun. One week later I received their brand new 9600 baud modem FREE. ZOOM bought Hayes so I remained totally loyal to ZOOM. God how I wish all companies were as loyal to their customers as Hayes was to me!

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