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By C4
This device should be like that in some models of cordless phones: you press a button on the base( the fixed part of the phone) and the mobile part of the phone make a sound, a beep. By analogy you press a button on the TV, and the remote control (a device that I usually forget where it is in the room ) makes a beep... :)
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By Steve
With all the people here having problems finding their remotes, I would suggest that every new TV comes with TWO remotes as a standard. Not only could you have fun duels with your girlfriend / wife deciding which program to watch, but it would also considerably increase the likelyhood of finding at least one remote when you're looking for it (except, of course your girlfriend has hidden both of them on purpose... ;-) ).
By Guest
and then hook outlook express up to your fax machine and you can fax your emails !!!
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By Michael D. Grissom
My Motorola TV with SmartSound and SmartPicture also came with built-in remote control locator. When you turn the TV on using the power button on the front of the TV, the remote beeps for about 45 seconds. I'm pretty sure other manufacturers also have the same feature.

I only had to use it five times to learn where all the hiding places were. :-b
By mtd28student
my philips VCR has a remote locator in it. To bad they couldn't make a good remote to put it in. i havn't lost it but it is broken.
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By Michael D. Grissom
How 'bout a secondary remote control that magnetically affixes to your refridgerator and it's sole purpose is to locate your primary remote control or car keys or whatever? Nevermind,.. I just remembered that Radio Shack has been selling those for years -- small enough to put on a keychain. The only problem the Radio Shack unit has is that the beep frequency centers around the most common frequency loss that older baby boomers have.
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By Braingobbler
haha I like the guys comment about two remotes and having duals with your girlfriend...

But yeah honestly I'm surprised this actually isn't already a thing. Its not hard to have a signal go out from a button on the TV to trigger or set off an alert/beeping on your remote. It seems like the same thing that we have for our car alarms. We push a button and our car makes noise. This is very practical. I don't know how many times i've lost my remote lol.
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