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By msmickle22
I have come up with an idea about a new type of mp3. A microchip with a mini antenna is built into the applicants brain via surgery.

The idea is that whenever somebody wants to listen to a song, they just think about it and the microchip activates and starts playing the song.

When they want the song to stop, they just think "stop" and the song will stop. If they want to change the song, they just think of a new song and it will automatically start playing.
By cgilson33
sorry, but i think we haven't quite figured out how to change brainwaves into a readable form of communication.
if this is realized it would be much more useful as telepathy.
By tomo99
that is such a crazy idea but is a bit good but it would be kind of hard to make but still good ;D
By amorriso
Would you actually be willing to have brain surgery just so you can play with your MP3 player?! Seriously though, I think that similar ideas are being pursued to help "locked in" (totally paralyzed) people to communicate.
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By swimmer
How about external sensors that can enable one of 5 tracks chosen on a playlist depending on your brain Activity ( Maybe your mood ) .

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