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By builder1
A new way to capture the attention of more people is simple. Use the doors of elevators to display messages to the occupants. What does everyone do when they enter an elevator? They turn and look at the doors. With the ultra thin plasma screen televisions you can display rented space on the doors of elevators and reach a number of people.

Reward: Knowing that I had the idea of this form of advertising when I entered an elevator.
By NikoAlexander
everywhere i look there's a T.V. Instead of a TV put a fun house mirror on there and scare the crap out ppl.
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By Michael D. Grissom
You're right, that would be an ideal method and place to advertise especially if the ads were both entertaining and only about the businesses within the building or hotel. Anything else might be regarded as audio visual spam. It would only take one offended person to easily destroy it.

I once had an idea to use lasers to display ads on the clouds (even subliminal messages on the waves) at night above busy beaches about the night life businesses directly below the clouds. It would have also been a little like a map in the sky to help visitors unfamiliar with the area. But then I remembered how much I hate endless billboards alongside the roads and the tons of spams in my inbox and dropped the idea.

And then I remembered the hit rock song "Signs" by Five Man Electric Band? "Signs signs, everywhere there's signs, blocking up the scenery, breaking my mind, do this, don't do that, can't you read the signs?".

For those not old enough to remember great songs like this you can listen to the original version here:

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By swimmer
I think we have enough advertising already ...

You can find a burger on the bathroom door in B.K. so youll be *beep* and thinking of eating at the same time !! How confortable ...

How about news screen in an elevator ... " In our news today , a damaged elevator in empire state building caused the death of 10 people , due to bad maintenance "
By nphawat
hmmm why not making it on both sides of the elevator doors depending on the height of the building and the nature of work done inside it (whether busy or not) we could spend much time waiting for the elevator than in it.

And if it's an overcrwoded building one cannot easly see the door so why not on the roof also... :)
By skippytaco
It's being done now...
By jamesmartyn
hi there ....

according to me.....Sampling is a great way to show your work first hand. Contact catering companies, hotels and restaurants and give them samples for events or display. Ask them to put your business cards by the display. Have a website? Can you deliver? How about starting your own gift basket delivery or providing your products to others already in the business?.....
By michaelclarve
Good to have bravos in our thread..!! Nice and wonderful too..!! Good to see many of us coming up with beautiful ideas around..!!

Thanks to all..


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