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By AaronBurns
A Solar Flare, lasting a very long time, melted a section of an ICE Shelf in the beggining of life at the end of The Ice Age. One of the first rotted oil deposits in the ice and radiation of the solar flare (lasting thousands of years. much like a Nuclear Missle.) grew ordinary plant life in jungle like growth slowly altering them into extremely potent drugs of the like are many and endangered in Africa. The apes (Which had tails, once, due to adapting from previous form) partook in these drugs and the radiated drug therapy grew a neo-cortex tumor abnormality across the surface of their brains but, did not change the shape of the skull or the general, outward, live appearence of the brain tissue inwhich the evidence of the neo-cortex and it's cells seperate into midbrain animal like form from cell destruction and death. The Ape/Human was infact an Ape with a Neo-Cortex and slowly futher adapted it's shape with a small jump from Ape appearance (With Neo-Cortex) to Neanderthal Shape all the while totally skipping the missing link. The radiated drug therapy happened when the Neo-Cortex tumor could evolve only since the weather and environment demaded it since survival is the Basis for all Human and Advanced Animal Behavior and Survival is in fact a physical task of evolving.

Reward: A new test for finding human tail evidence.
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