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By pepsi
Suppose you take a beer or soda out of the fridge, it feels cold but you're not sure.
But you noticed something really neat on the side of the can: The distributer, may it be pepsi or Budweiser has installed, right onto the side of the can a simple yet effective thermometer. And it tells you your beverage is cold, and ready to drink.

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By amorriso
I saw a commercial on TV for something like that. I think it was for Coors beer. The mountains pictured on the can turn blue when the beer is cold.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Thanks amorriso, I hadn't heard of that Coor's thermal display so I checked it out on wikipedia where it states:

"Coors Light bottles feature a cold temperature sensitive label using Chromazone™ ink. When the mountains on the label turn blue, the beer is at optimal drinking temperature." (late 2007 article).

This is such a great idea! I'm wondering why I never saw any of those commercials. I'm an avid beer drinker and I would have bought at least a few cases of Coors just to personally experience that new technology in action for two or three days.

I just came back from researching this on Google. I did see those commercials many many times (bullet train going through the streets of a city covered in frost) but I was so interested in watching the train that I never knew what the commercial was advertising -- I COMPLETELY MISSED THE POINT! Sometimes commercials can be too entertaining for their own good?

NOW I seek to find and drink this new Coors (just for the sake of innovative curiosity of course).

Here's one of the commercials:

And now I see they brought back the wide mouth can that I loved in the 80's. I think I'm going to switch my brand. ;D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Tonight, at my local gas station/convienient food mart I found that Coors wide mouth vented 24 oz. can that I've never heard of before CP and bought 7 of them So sad that it is only "5% ALC. BY North Carolina" ..but then I've never tasted anything above 6% that was tastey.

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