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By mimi
Do you change your wallpaper every month or so? Are you tired of the same old boring wallpaper designs on your wall? Changing the wallpaper can be really hard too. The digital wallpaper could change that. it would be digital paper or some kind of very thin screen that would fit on your walls. A small computer box that would also be on the wall would be able to download any image or pattern you want and put it on the digital paper or screen so you could change wallpaper every day if you wanted to. Cool, eh?

Reward: Digital Wallpaper for every room in my house!
By ftfmayo
I spent a whole day haunted by similar ideas. Check out "fireplace with a view" post. The simplest method I could concieve was a video projector type device, perhaps incorporated in a light fixture that projects your chosen image on the walls. Most interesting I think would be to have cameras pointed outside and project the outside image on the wall, as if you were looking through the wall. Live in Hurricane country, never worry about boarding up your windows again, because you don.t have any. call it virtual windows, or waldows. If your lucky enough to live in the country staring at the walls could be as entertaining as the 120 channels of crap on t.v.
By ftfmayo
One more thought, why not have a light projection unit that can combine and project the different lights of the color spectrum onto your walls. Find the perfect color for every room and every occasion, and change colors at will. It'd be like living in a giant mood ring. And thats all I have to say about that. I think!
By Tommahawk
Hot topic,

My first thought was you would need LCD screens as walls which cost about, considering four walls over $500,000, the projector version considering you had white walls would cost over $20,000. So unless your filthy rich or mad you most likely wouldn't bother. I've always liked the holodeck in star trek though.

I had the idea of lights that change color which allow you to change the colour of your lighting. The simplest way to do this is to pack a number of little colured globes into a bunch and have a remote wall switch system of selecting the lighting colour you want.
By sun427
Ummmm good concept but as Mr. Tomahakw prev stated COST EFFECTIVENESS is also a concern of mine. It could not be a screen unless you dedicated one entire room to this Paper............I like pictures on the wall and shelves and various types of wall fixtures a screen which cost upwards 500,000 dollars I would not exactly want to drive a nail into it. I do think however agree that the projector idea is more cost effective and marketable. You could also get the same effect by using some sort of ressessed lighting with different colors and a "Mood Panel" if you will to control the color and intensity of light within the room. Awesome idea ;-D
By fiabelle
I love the idea! I'm the type of person who gets bored quickly with things such as wall colors, etc. If it is marketable, it would cost very much though.

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By Michael D. Grissom
Here in Raleigh, NC USA, Ray Alden ( ) who is founder and president of invented and patented a very unique device that creates virtual windows on walls. I heard him explain this and many other inventions on the Art Bell radio talk show and met with him the following week where I was given a demo video of the virtual wall product. For anyone interested, this video demo can probably be found on his web site.

Ray has plans to use it, for one example, to make military vehicals virtually invisible.

With the invention of super cheap paper thin monitors (see Paper Thin Monitors topic on this site) all this might be in our near future.
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By AaronBurns
Why not just make the screen material stick to the wall and have a TV and all of it's componants be seperate.
For about $200 you could probably buy a 10 foot by ten foot piece of LCD type screen.
The cost is not the material but, what runs it.
Also, you can never make anything invisible with anykind of outward projection technology and is complete fantasy because the resolution would be only as small as the cameras that record the projection.
You also can't make anything invisible because it would take microscopic cameras that would have to record and instantly transmit the signal from all 360 degrees at the same time. It simply can't be done and this idea is about 20 years old at least.
For example; if one guy is standing still, ten feet away, and you are not even moving, as soon as the guy moves his eyes or body the image has to change. Get it?
By DirtpatchSmacky
I recently saw an innovation, printable led screens,, the thickness of mylar, supposed to revolutionize the industry, but that was one of the ideas they proposed for it, coat a whole wall with it,, then have scenic views,, like ocean front property in you apartment in the city.
By TopGun
We are slowly seeing this come to be, a recent technology is OLED and may provide the cost effectiveness as well as the material design to make dynamic walls a reality, we are also seeing digital photo albums and projection of art upon outdoor buildings, its really exiting and dynamic. This one I think will eventually make it. ;D
By stephenmorphey
Hello everybody.

Digital wallpapers are used in residential and commercial interiors nowadays. Wallpaper offers a wide range of finishes and colours with enhanced durability.
I want to construct my new office then give me the exact high quality flexible textures that produce compelling combinations of colour, light, shape, and shadow.
Thanks in advance.
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