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By Steve
There are compartments for smokers and non-smokers, there are even women's compartments. Now, why aren't there any compartments for kids?

A lot of people (like myself) enjoy a peaceful train ride. They can do some work, read a book, or simply take a nap. However, all of this is suddenly over if a small child enters the place. I've experienced unbelievable scenes in the last years, including hours of hysterical screaming and provocative stomping around. One time I've even had a used diaper flung in my direction. The mother's only reaction was to be amused about how her little sweatheart had done the trick.

Now, the point is, I really don't care how other people bring up their kids. However, most PARENTS have bad manners and don't realize that not everything their little ones might be doing is necessarily a treat to everybody else. The easiest solution would be to create kids' compartments. Everyone would benefit, most of all the children who would get a chance to play with other kids during the train ride, which would make their trip much more enjoyable.

Reward: A free train ticket.
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Can we have these compartments EVERYWHERE? Restaurants have smoking & non-smoking, all they would have to do is add a sound proof room for the kids. I think your on to something man. ;-D This could spread like wild fire!!! :-D
By Tommahawk
Hell, we could just partition off a city and throw all our kids there.
Once they turn about 16 we could send in a few choppers to extradict them like escape from absolem or escape from new york.

Ordinaces are for pussies.
By Karenpendragon
Some more child-focused areas in general would be wonderful. Some theaters are now installing "cry-rooms" so that parents with young children can see a play without worrying about disrupting the entire theater if their child gets upset or squirmy. More widespread child-focused areas with appropriate spacing and layout of seating and a few toys would make my life as a parent a lot easier. In most cases, they don't even have to be dramatically separated or soundproofed. Many coffeeshops around here have a kids corner and it's terrific.

Regarding trains: on the few occasions I have been on a train and ended up seated next to another parent, it has been wonderful. The children played together happily and quietly, and both parents were able to help each other out with little things. Much better than sitting next to a cranky business-type whose glares and harumphs encourage stressed, defensive parenting and misbehaving children. Having a children's car for children and those who like them would be a tremendous improvement for everyone.
By troyblando
Kids don't and shouldn't ever care or want to give a crap or what anyone thinks.(If you do DON'T)
That is the beauty of being young.
(I drink and pontificate reality but I laugh at a public funny...)
Ask yourself if you really do?
Grow down...
Life is short...
laugh at the mundane. It is funny.
If we don't,
we suffocate.
Breathe for yourself
if not,
for me, or
Troy Blando(real name and father of very average people that may or may not *beep* you all off)
I taught them to *beep* everyone off from: Time, To, Time...
Your input now!!!!!
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By Steve
troyblando wrote:I taught them to *beep* everyone off from: Time, To, Time...

That's cool - they are your kids. Note that I didn't say a word about that they shouldn't be allowed to do what they feel like, instead I was suggesting an approach that would allow them to do their thing while allowing others to do their thing as well. Balancing the rights of passengers against each other is one of the trickiest things in public transport, and I guess that any apporach that increases one passenger's liberties without curbing those of another one is worthwhile.

And no, I don't believe that a screaming kid stomping up and down the rail car for two hours straight has any socio-political meaning, so I fail to see how the world becomes a better place if anyone is forced to view it against their will. O:)
By Gavin.Philips
Haha, there should definitely be more of this in every situation. Trains, restaurants, theaters, businesses, etc... You know there is a huge market for it. I often recommend places based on dealings with rude parents and children. "Yeah, there's a great Mexican restaurant down on such-and-such street. I have never seen a kid in the place. It's wonderful!"

Once, in a restaurant, someone's toddler wandered over to our table and picked up my steak knife while I wasn't paying attention. My girlfriend smacked it out of his hand and yelled, "NO!" The parents didn't even bat an eye. I was ready for a fight too, considering most people will go nuts if you do or say anything to the kids they refuse to discipline themselves. /end rant =P
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