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By AaronBurns
Most women hate to color their finger and toe nails and like to go natural but, dislike the natural color since it blends into the hand and foot. If you were to wear gloves and socks that only exposed the nails and you place a UVB concentration syrum (LIke sun lotion for the nails, only it soaks through the nails.) then, place them in a palm sized tanning light you would have a beautiful tanned looking nail and great contrast between nail and skin with no effort and all natural results any time. No more nail polish!

Reward: I am a guy but, I would like one of these!
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By Lisa
i do not think, that tanning the nails would work... but wearing those gloves or somehow else protecting the hand except the nails would allow spraypainting the nails in a very even and fast way!

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