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Purchases made in person in stores have a disadvantage for customers in that there is no electronic record of the purchase available for the customer, only a paper receipt. Since receipts are often needed for returns, proof-of-purchase, rebates, etc., there is motivation to mimic internet sales with electronic receipts. If the customer was willing to give their email address to the store clerk, these could be sent by email (along with advertising). If the customer wanted to remain anonymous, but still wanted a receipt, there could be a swip-able card that could record the purchase information (and advertisements).

Reward: Recognition for development of the idea.
I'm not sure about the emailing bit - we get enough spam nowadays for people to trust giving their email adds out freely but the basic idea to get ones receipts electronically is a good one.

If for example, our credit cards had a small memory chip integrated which then later plugged into our computers
to give us the receipts on all our spending, that would be useful.
hi buddy, its nice idea to have electronic record of your transaction.
in my view this idea has many benefits if it is applied properly viz. 1. the most important benefit will be that it can be help in Tax calculation. many time you have to pay extra tax because we dont keep bill or purchase receipt of many things like medicine, travel ticket, hotel bill etc. which if we have at the time of tax we can save tax amt. 2. it it will also be used as proof of purchase in case of replacement of warranted/guaranteed items.

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