Yesterday's news and re-inventions that have been submitted to the Creativity Pool. See what they look like and where to get them.
By rhosyns
Earphones for MP3 players ect without wires no fiddling about with wires just put them in your ears and plug the bluetooth reciever into the port on the MP3 player and music to your ears

Reward: Free Product or more
By limberly
How can i use my blackberry through a bluetooth connection to get dial up on my laptop? When i connect my blackberry to my laptop through bluetooth it says i can set up a dial up connection. How does it work and does it cost extra on my cell phone bill?
By acefreak
Bluetooth headphones have been invented....the thing that is holding you back is whether or not your mp3 is bluetooth compatible. for instance, the itouch 3.0 version is bluetooth compatible and you can indeed use bluetooth headphones with it.
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