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By sonia81f
I had this idea for a few years and just want to put it out there. There are hepa air filters in homes that are ionic and clean pollutants in the air. So why can't we build one big ionic hepa filter for the air pollution we already have. We can also reuse the oils that are captured as another way conserving. Also if this is too much money maybe we can create smaller versions and put it in the exhaust of our cars. If it works in our home why not in the open air.

Reward: I just would like to be acknowledged in the project as to where the idea came from and be the first person to get this product if it goes in cars.
Your idea is excellent. The main concern is the technology to do this efficiently (indeed - the global warming crisis is just one face of an energy crisis) and at a full scale. This has led people like Richard Branson to encourage the creation of such technology. see ... lobal.html

In case the link becomes broken - Richard Branson offered a 25million dollar prize to someone who could invent such technology.

He had a number of responses - as in people who were going to try (as quoted from his interview on
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