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By Skoop
Design a windmill that adjusts to the amount of wind that is blowing. If there is not much wind then not much electricty is going to be produced, but it is still running. Most windmills need 6PMH to start and then max out. As the wind gets stronger the tension should get stronger to produce more power. If the wind is low the tension should release so that a small amount of power is being produced. The actual design of the windmill should not be like a normal one, it should be designed to rotate off of the smallest amount of wind.

Reward: I wouldnt mind my house running off of this.
By johnruski
You need a transmission device, not unlike what your car has, except one that doesn't run off electricity or hydrolics. A slip clutch would work. A small pulley or gear runs the drive, and then the faster the blade turns, the more priority is given to the larger gear.
By Nankyo
Hi, I designed something similar to your idea... Check it out , search "powerplant + bensho" in Google to see it...
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