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By jgoodwin
With airport layovers and delays really common, why not have airport multi-plexes? They would have to be traveller-friendly with places for luggage, a variety of movie lengths with clearly stated ending times, comfortable seating and silent alert buzzers for travellers who might doze off.
By Krausejt22
That is a really interesting idea! There are two problems that I see with this idea though. First the expense of a ticket would be ridiculous because airport space is limited and in demand. Second, finding enough space to put in a few theaters in an airport would be really hard. You would have to play politics with the local government when an airport is being built.
By sammeli
I think closest thing to having movie theather in airport is a personal portable movie player... however they could have some seat rows like they have in some aeroplanes on the airport and approriate programming so that it will fit your flight timetable or maybe even record some sort of personal data so you could continue watching the same movie on the aeroplane if you wanted.

The personalization data could be stored on some sort of electronic boarding pass.

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