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By =Digger=
Up till now, the operating systems in PCs use only the first core in the multicore CPUs. If you pull up the resource monitor in windows, you will see that the second core is only engaged when the first core reaches 100% usage. My idea is to have software developed that would tag each process in a program with an assigned core, assign it a range of memory to use and syncronize the output of the steams in the memory controller with clocking flags -- so that for instance voice and video would be produced at the correct time -- The main idea is to distibute the load of the program over ALL of the available cores simultaneously.

Reward: Increased speed and productivity, lower latency, decreased user wait times
By DreadEngineer
That's a very active area of research. Software can be written to do that now; for example, supercomputing programs all do it. The challenge is that, if software wasn't written with that it mind, it can be difficult for an operating system to figure out how to spread the work without messing up the program's execution. If you're interested in the area, you should consider going into computer science or computer engineering, and you could make some discoveries in that area. It's certainly going to be more important in the future, as processors are hitting a limit in pure clock rate and are being forced to go to multiple cores to get faster.
By =Digger=
I agree that it would be challenging to split up a single program and time the processing of it, what I proposed is that interdependant functions be assigned a core to process with timing flags. I'd completely forgotten about this post, in fact I've found a program that assigns core load on a process by process basis.
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By WSparrow23
The Playstation 3 does exactly that with it's Cell Broadband Engine. That's 8 cores splitting up the workload and a 9th co-ordinating it all. Unfortunately, for the time being, only Sony and a few military branches have the legal right to that technology. But sooner or later it will be on the open market and your wish will come true :)
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