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By nikos_ps
A search engine where the registration will be free for every domain! The difference will be that the given priority will not be up to the amount of money given for the subscription (it will be free for every user) but the average time that someone spends visiting a site. For example if someone's domain has average visiting time for all the users 5 minutes, will have higher priority against someone elses domain that has 2 minutes average. In that way the more interesting sites will be shown first.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I didn't know that search engine ratings were based on money. I understood that they were based on a clever search of each sites contents. My brother has NEVER paid to be registered with any search engine and yet, his web site is #1 above Motorola (#2) and his web site is only for engineering on specific Motorola microprocessors. Are you talking about a specific search engine?
This is very interesting if true.
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By Steve
Some engines (like Overture) only carry paid inclusions, while e.g. Google is free. Factoring the time spent on the site into the search results is definitely an interesting approach, although I'm not quite sure how it would work technically (and a lot of people might regard this as intrusive). Also, the algorithm would need to be elaborated, because otherwise the misorganized sites where you spend ages to find what you need (before you give up) might come up in front.
By newart
I like the idea. It would be a good supplement. All you would have to do is query the amount of time spent with a session variable. Pretty cool idea!
By Jack Nobbz
Has anyone here heard of google? COOL!

You don't have to pay.

It rates it using pagerank, a patented algorithm based on links in and out of the site, the popularity of the site after specific search terms and lots of other clever stuff. Sure, a search engine could open up the site for you, and it'd have a little frame at the top or something, showing you it's still there and seeing how long you're using the site for. However, time spent on a site gives no real information as to how useful or popular it might be without extra information (frustrated and poorly designed websites would take up a lot of user-time, whereas takes very little, maybe a few seconds each session for me).

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