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By Ranzuko
Wouldn't it be nice to have a spray that leave your shoes shiny in half the time it takes to use the liquid or paste polish?

Reward: a dozen of cans, credit
By gratchen
Avoid liquid polish, although it puts a fast shine on your shoes it can dry out and crack the leather.
By Bungie
i think both of you are correct...!
the found the first suggestion really innovative ,...if it could happen,.....the second one helpful never thought of it.....!
thanx..! i would like to add one more important advice to this conversation..
Store leather shoes using a shoe tree, this will help retain the shape of the leather. If you can’t use a shoe tree (e.g. for strappy shoes), stuff the toe cap with newspaper or tissue. Never store or dry leather shoes near direct heat.
By brianjulkunen
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