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By nsyncbaby74
Are you sick of getting into a cold car and having to put your WARM hands on a COLD steering wheel???? Well my idea is to turn a steering wheel cover (ya know the ones you buy that decorate your car) and turing it into a heating pad for your hands. When you get into your car plug in the attachment into the cigg. Lighter plug and wait for it to become warm. Battery operated when driving to avoid a tangled cord. Be able to set the temperature. Eliminate the need for gloves and time spent to warm up your car.

Reward: Getting this product for free
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By Michael D. Grissom
A small cig lighter plug in hair dryer to warm anything you want in the car might also work. Once the steering wheel is warmed it would last until the car itself was warm.

I used to live in Ohio and hated this problem so much that I built an alarm clock for my car. At 7am every morning the car would start itself and be deiced and warm by the time I was ready to leave for work.

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