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Get the government to pass a law that requires all universities and collegies that receive federal funds to collect and publish statistics of employment for graduates of each of their programs. These statistics would include the average employment rate, job titles and average salaries obtained by graduates. This information would allow prospective students of these programs to make an intelligent decision about which program they want to choose. Too often students spend a lot of time studying a discipline and then graduate to discover that it is difficult to get a job in their field.

After the 2 year now the condition is too worse then the time you wrote the above comment due to the recession. Now the Government need to put up the standards of salary that should be followed for the specific designation and post as well as the work load on them. Colleges need to have the latest curriculum on the basis of the industry demands. All the courses studied in any nation should be anyhow centrallised. So, that the people changing their location do not feel the difference in the study.

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