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By Steve
Remember this song... "you can't eat chips in the rain, no matter how hard you try..." - forgot the title, anyway. How about creating waterproof (or at least water-resistant) potato chips? It would also help solve one of the other unsolved challenges of mankind, namely how to safely eat chips in the bathtub. Currently it's high-risk business - the slightest slip of the hand, and those chips are toast (or mush more precisely).

The coating (preferrably something edible, not teflon) could also add to the texture of the chip (e.g. make it more crunchy), so you could kill two birds with a stone.
By L.Malone
I would look at how breakfast cereal manufactures have solved this. I believe it's a special cooking process created by W.K. Kellog (by the way he was born 147 years ago today).

If you could do this with chip they should stay fairly crisp in the tubby!

The only problem I see with this is the soap, while milk does not hurt the flavor of cereal, the soap in the bath may make for some interesting flavors!
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