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By Steve
There are several solutions for people who want to conveniently use a laptop while lying on their back (most of them are bulky, but at least they exist). What doesn't seem to exist is a solution for working on your laptop when you lie on your stomach. When you are seriously working/typing, it can be quite a challenge. After a short while, your arms fall asleep, and your back hurts as your spine is bent to an unnatural position (after all you have to rise high enough to get those hands in a typing position). I could imagine special typing cushions that help move the weight to the right areas so that you can work in this position for a longer time.
By L.Malone
How about a separated keyboard, similar to the split top ergonomic keyboards in use today.

The two keyboards would be on either side of the user (laying flat on their back). they would need to be slightly elevated at the front to provide comfort while typing.

Then the screen could be projected onto the ceiling.

It would probably have a bit of a learning curve to type in this way, however; this would allow someone completely bedridden to type.

The alternative would be to design a completely different interface, based on eye-movement, thought waves or remote-control like device. It would probably be simple to design something like this for activating controls and then use voice recognition software to allow a user to type in text.

Sounds like their are many possibilities with this idea!

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