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By 'The One'
The Illuminati are known to be a secret group who keep many of the world's secrets. The are the ones who have 'the eye'. Also, in my opinion, anyone can be one of them if they are 'illuminated' with the knowledge, power and/or control over their lives and secrets that they keep. You must be a person who is reassured in your conscience and part of a group. They are people who have the use and control over their lives which allows them to be full of opportunity and allows them an overview of their personal and social situation in life. Many stars are 'illuminated' and actually quite literally are (because they have a tan and/or healthy skin), maybe as a result of or resulting in this, but also because they have made most choices that they feel were the right choices in life, making them feel reassured in their conscience. This is my impression of who the Illuminati are, the 'illuminated' people.
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By thinktankak
Read Dan Brown? (Author of the Da Vince Code) His book, Angles and Demons (the prequel to the Da Vince Code talks a lot about the Illuminati, whether it be factual or fictional info on them, it is still a very good read. ;D
By 'The One'
Thanks, I shall get round to reading his books at some point soon. I love reading.
By jamesmartyn
hi there.....

it is a secret society that emerged during the Renaissance that advocated intellectual advancement through science and denounced looking for scientific explanations through the Bible. Galileo Galilei was a well known member who was put in prison for stating that the sun was in the center of the solar system instead of Earth, which contradicted the view that God put man at the center.

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