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By p_thejaswi
An idea to reduce/eliminate headlight glare is to use a polaroid on the headlight cover and another polaroid with its axis perpendicular to the one on the headlight cover. This would reduce/eliminate the glare from headlights on the driver for oncoming vehicles. Not sure if this is an economical/viable solution.
By Doug Brown
Here in the United States a bunch of baby boomers are reaching the time when night glare drives
them crazy. So I see an increasing need for your idea. Maybe someone could come up with a clear
(no shading) night driving polarized glasses to reduce glare.
Hope someone takes you up on the idea and tries to make it work.
By amorriso
The problem with your idea is that you should want to see the headlights of oncoming cars. If you couldn't see them then you might bump into them. One of the reasons that people put their headlights on is to make their vehicles more visible.
Another reason people put their headlights on is to see where they're going. I don't know whether polarized light is still polarized after it reflects off something. I'm not a physicist. But if it retains the same polarization then you wouldn't be able to see what your headlights are illuminating if you were looking through a perpendicularly polarized lens. :~(
I think I see what he's thinking. In the 50's and 60's (when all headlights were round) there were auto aftermarket louvered headlight covers to accomplish this task. The louvers themselves reflected enough outgoing light to make the oncoming car legally visible but the blinding glare was gone. They were not popular (probably) because they looked funky. With todays aerodynamically shaped headlight covers they would look bad. Headlight lens polarization should have about the same effect and would be almost invisible. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if they aren't already doing this because I'm 62 and, with the exception of the new xenon headlights, oncoming glare doesn't bother me as much now as it did in the 50's and 60's.

Short true story;
In the 50's I got to ride with my uncle in his new semi. He had an absolute hatred for people who drove with their blinding high-beams always on. He had bought the most powerful hand-held spot light on the market to point directly in their eyes as they passed coming from the opposite direction. He said it was "to teach them a lesson". As the first one with high-beams on approached, he started cursing in rage as he positioned his spotlight for the counter attack. When the other car came within range he screamed "TAKE THIS YOU IGNORANT SON OF A !*%$##!!!!!!!!! and the instant the spotlight switched on and hit the oncoming cars windshield smack dab on the drivers side, you could read the big bold letters across the top of the windshield of the now out of control car "STATE TROOPER". :~(
By amorriso
Okay, maybe it could work. The parking lights of the oncoming cars would still be visible, because they're not polarized, so you could still see the oncoming cars at night. I checked on Wikipedia and the polarization of light is not preserved when it is reflected by most materials, so you could still see where you're going. So if you had everybody's headlights polarized in one direction and everyone was wearing sunglasses with a perpendicular polarization, it should work. The sunglasses would cut down the amount of light by 50%, but you wouldn't be bothered by headlight glare. Maybe it would be worth it. B-)
By nagendrakd
I second your idea, it's certainly a challenge to drive car on the highway and during rains it's nightmare.

Headlight should be used and foccussed on road and not on oncoming vehicles and in most cases the oncoming
vehicles get bad glare that causes driving an unplesant experience, which can in some cases be fatal.

Just thought if the polarid head light is costly may be wearing anti glare goggles specifically elliminating the
glare to 90% will be wornderful and safe driving.
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