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By Steve
A service desperately needed is a concert reminder service: you create a profile where you enter your location as well as the bands you like, and the system will send you an email as soon as it's known that one of "your" bands is coming to town. Getting an email along the lines of "Hey Steve, we just got word that The Kills will be coming to town next April - secure your tickets now" would be just so much nicer than reading in the newspaper how The Kills rocked the local club this past weekend.

Needless to say that anyone providing such a service could earn a ton of money by providing links to ticket companies, so I'm really somewhat surprised that something like this doesn't seem to exist (yet).
By rusl
I thought of this exact same idea.

Ticketmaster is not the answer. I am not 100% sure but pretty sure that they only alert you to tickets sold by them. That means only big bands and band that aren't avoiding Ticketmaster (lots of good ones are, remember Pearl Jam?) would be mentioned by the Ticketmaster Service.

The best would for this to be administered by the local "Scene" newspaper. For instance here in Vancouver, BC the paper is The Straight. There are other papers but this is the one that has pretty much everything (or the most complete listings of any)

This service could be setup as a franchise style system, perhaps using Drupal or some free CMS system. It could be for instance a concert/city tab keeping version of drupal that (for Example) the Georgia Straight would add on to their website using the up to date (and reasonably complete) set of data for upcoming shows - and the equivalent newspapers in different cities would use the same software but with a different data set (kinda like Craigslist). This would also be a way for those kinds of newspapers to adapt to the popular trend away from newspapers towards online.
By rusl
Thanks lildracer, that's a pretty good service. I wonder where they get there data, are show promoters putting it in themselves?

I still think that if you tapped into the existing data of the local newspaper you would get much more info. For instance Jambase lists 2 shows tommorrow and 5 shows Saturday here in Vancouver. I don't have the newspaper in front of me but I'm 95% sure that they've got more listings than that. Also, they have theatre, movies and the whole rest of it. If Jambase becomes well known enough I suppose they could supplant the newspaper as the goto place for this sort of information. However, the newspapers still now have a big window of opportunity to do it themselves as they have the name recognition. This would be a good opportunity for them or people wanting to work with them to do this right now...

I kind of like the idea of local newspapers doing it more than one centralised website. A single site can be convenient but then it gets really big like facebook or twitter and privacy issues happen etc. Not that all local newspapers are better or even as good as some website. The site would be centralised and standardised which is an advantage. However, something like drupal or some other software (an RSS feed) could ensure some standardisation/interoperability of the data while still keeping a more locally controlled system. The thing about newspapers is they have people on the street PAID to gather the info on what is going on. For a single website to be doing that they would have to become HUGE which might not be a great thing necessarily.

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