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By zyx Rationalist
We always forget electric devices switched on, wasting precious power. So if we have a device that detects presence of nobody in the room and switches off the power then we can save lot of power.

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By Lukasz
Sorry, but i already been done. :~( It is called motion detection light switch. Unless you were thinking of something better than motion detection, but pls specify.
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By Michael D. Grissom
The motion detector light switches in the above post work really well and are still coming down in price. I love having the lights switch on then off as I walk through the house. This really shortens the life of incondecent bulbs but not the florescent type. Over time I've found it to be only practical in temporary occupation areas like kitchen, bathroom, hallway, etc. Too bad they don't build them into the bulb in the first place. Mass production like that might make them easily affordable to a point where they might pay for themselves during the life of the bulb.

Personally, the current cost per kwh is so expensive that I've considered removing all bulbs and switching to night vision goggles. 8-o
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