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By JestBlazed
I have developed an invetion that I hereby claim all rights to the creation of the solution to planar colonization. I am unable to financially patent this invention with my current financial status. I have hopes that one of my two best friends may patent it for us. Hint K. The following idea is sheer genius.

The Evans Ball of Creation, invented by J. Matthew Walter Evans

The Evans Ball is a spiked, holed, metal ball, possibly 7 to 8 feet high, the true dimentions are defined by neccessity of heat retention and the mallabilty of non-oxidative metals that encase it.

Inside this hollow shell, is a self-gyroscopic metal ball held to the outer shell by ball bearings. Parts of the internal ball include the following.

A hydrogen gas fuelled furnace that burns small amounts of water into steam while also maintaining proper temperatures for the perfect imperfect burning of hydrogen gas with normal breathability directly into carbon dioxide. The heat from this will be transferred throughout the ball to the outer edge to melt Ice the Evans Ball travels on. The lower section of the ball will be a passive wick system of the melted water that will travel through an electrolysis chamber that splits the marjority of the water into it's elemental hydrogen and oxygen gaseous forms. The combination of the gases explunged by the ball will be as close as possible of a ratio of 2 parts carbon dioxide, one part oxygen, with the steam being expelled through the same channel. This expellation channel will be controlled by a movable windmill on the ball that will, 1 generate part of the neccessity of electricity for the electrolysis, supplemented by solasr panelling, and 2 provide a direction of acceleration to propel the ball forward on ice, or snow. There lies a necessity for remote control of the ball, and a satelite feed/radio uplink channel is mandatory for starting and stopping the process. There is the necessity for a battery that can start the process as well. The gyroscopicicity is held by the water flowing through it, also electrically monitored. Should the remote uplink ever fail the machine will self, un-perpetuate, as the ice melted away to salt water and the electrolytes corrode. There is a final need for the assumption that polar caps will have some salinity and there is a requirement for a salt filter. Perhaps some of the salt could be burned with the hydrogen for trace atmospheric gases. As well, for ozone creation, a ionizer could be installed into the ball. Thank you for your time, I designed this to stretch the atmosphere of the Earth around the moon, create new air currents as three dimentional figure 8s and rubberbands that would assist in bringing moisture to uninhabitable parts of the world, stop Australia's 100 year drought, colonize the moon with imaginary seasonality that the 32-36 hr days on the moon would have seasons based on cloud cover that would be a result of the seasons on the earth, and provide an in-atmospheric point, coined the castle on the clouds. COTC is the point of no gravity between the earth and moon, this point is our unified life society's perfect point to launch space missions from as so we can do so with less polution. Satelites and the ISS would have to be fueled so they would have corrections to their orbits and there is no reason to have anything crossing the COTC point in orbit. Thank you.
Might need a ionic breeze for some ozone.

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