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By Jim Renfer
How about a device that could take control of a airliner like a heat seeking or guided missile. In the event of a hijacking military jets could be deployed taking control of the jet and forcing it to land safely, brake and shut down.

Reward: no more 9/11
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By Steve
The downside of this idea is that it would also open up another opportunity to highjack a plane (namely by either building or stealing such a device). :-/
By ftfmayo
Either way is a tad more difficult than getting hold of a box cutter.
I think this idea has merit, who would hijack a plane if they knew that control of the craft would be forfiet. To ensure that the remote sight could not be hijacked each craft could be assigned to different locations that change randomly,
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By Michael D. Grissom
I like this idea too -- just as long as Microsoft has nothing to do with the software.
By llemmart
dont think if they did steal if they couldnt do anything with it. because they would have to use a code for each plane if not they would be taking over every plane anound them, like remote controll cars using the same frequency one controll will drive every one that gets the signal
By RustyStrings
From what I understand, landings can now be done with GPS and other such systems. I still want a pilot on my plane. Computers can't always make sense of readings, but humans recognize a flaming engine when they see one.

Of course the system could be compromised...or they could return to bombing rather than hijacking. Some kind of jammer could interrupt the GPS or other location signal, and fault it out?
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