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By george g moore
When you brake your vehicle there's an awful lot of energy lost. All that forward motion is just stopped and dissipated. Now suppose that the act of stopping was not an act of stopping but really an effort of your motion to compress air. Then - to regain the lost energy the compressed air is released, returning the vehicle to it's original forward movement or at least assisting that action

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By swimmer
This is a genius Idea !!!

as the energy used at stopping can be used to accelerate again . ( Great for trafiic jam ) .

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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By swimmer
Well close to is Mr. Grissom ...

The air is run only on compressed air or hybrid ( with electric ).

The Idea here is just to add a pump that harnest the deceleration energy of a speeding car .
By compressing Air . And then provide it again by working as a turbine and so accelerating the car ... then the car will run again on fuel as long as its on constant speed or the air pressure is low ...
By george g moore
Hi thanks did you see my other post about running a car on oxygen that is from water electorlized electically in the car?

Compressed air and turbine: great! I thought about spring, one at first; then a large spring horizontal, you know, parallel tothe deck. then I thought it could be wind-up springs like a watch one on each wheel activated by the brake pedal.

Ain't life great all the neat things to think about!
george moore
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By swimmer
I have 2 questions ...

Why didnt Mayer allow the fuel cell to be examined ?

Why was he found guilty of fraud ?
By Hydro
I have never heard a thing about this where is the information on this. Thanks.
By Hydro
My brother laughed that you and others have fallen for what everyone wants you to think. But at the same time we have over come a lot of the problems and short comes to a system like the one Meyers used and we realize people will not believe it until we take them for a drive. I could tell you how we have made this system viable but we would be giving away our business. It is sad to watch the oil interest work to stop this technology. Fox News did a piece last night trying to dis-credit the system, but the system they are denouncing they should be denouncing but them for them to make such a blanket dis-crediting of the entire industry just shows their ignorance; but again we understand we have the burden of proof and we accept that.

If we ever did take any loan from anyone we would back it up with real estate. We are honest guys working to help build a new industry to save our nation while having a blast with research and development. And to tell you the truth he discoveries one makes through this process is the gift in this. Anyway appreciate your input.

Be well!
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