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By Cassie901
Do you love animals? Tell many times have you brought a game and the graphics were lame? Well think of this new game as reality. You can actually help the animals. Just think that in this game you could deliver animal babies, give pets shots and you could do just about anything a vet could. And get this: you could even go to school where you learn new interesting facts about the job as a vet. Now I know to most people this game idea is boring, but others who like animals like me would love this game.( there would be awesome graphics !)

Reward: I can't really offer you anything,sorry.All I can say is that from this game idea there will come a great game that hopefully everyone will love.
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By swimmer
Age requirement will be a problem . I dont think people under 18 should play it ... and animal lovers and vets would be interrested in such game ... while i think a 3d simulator of a cow vagiina already exist on pc . .. its for scientific reasons and it is physilcly simulated by a mechanical device ...( its a new concept takes time to describe ... google it )
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