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By lswilson
Decorator rain barrels would be useful and more aesthetically pleasing in my yard.

My idea is to have 10-30 gallon rain barrels in the shapes of urns (various styles). The rain barrel would of course have a 15-20' hose attached with an on/off valve for distributing the water. People could set these decorative barrels in any location in their yards & they'd both look good and be functional.

Reward: Several of these rain barrels would be a nice reward.
By Bluecube
I think I've seen a copper one. Do an internet search of Cisterns
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By CodeThumper
This is a great Idea! The barrels could also come in other shapes (deer, moose, bear, Budda, automobiles.

Maybe you could attach those roll up watering hoses to the bottom. The ones with the small holes so that gravity could do the watering.

My mom, aunt, and Grandma are into gardening and I think they would like the idea.
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By magicat
You would have to clean them out regularly or you'd have lots of junk in your hose. :-P
By helco
Try googling decorative rain barrels. Also, hand-decorated (painted) barrels are sold at many farmers' markets etc.
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