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By dielonxl
Basically everyone knows what taco in a bag is and if you don't it's is just all your basic taco ingredients thrown into a doritos bag. Well I am just a senior at my local high school but have came up this idea and just want to see what people think. I think it would be a good idea to take taco in a bag to the next step by making it an official fast food business. It would be much like subway where you would pick out the size of your doritos bag, which flavor of chips and then go through the line picking out all of the ingredients you would like in the bag. Very simply but I think it's a good idea and everyone at my school thinks the same. I would just like some input on what you think.

Thanks, Dillon

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By Michael D. Grissom
I have never seen nor heard of "Taco in a Bag" but you've made me curious. Does the bag have multiple chambers to separate the ingredients during storage? I love tacos -- who sells them? Also, with all those sticky ingredients like salsa, cheese, grease, and sour cream, how would you get it out of the bag and into a taco? Would the bag come with a long handled disposable spork (combo spoon and fork). I think I'll Google this tonight.
By amorriso
I think he means that you just open up a bag of Doritos, put your ground beef, salsa, cheese, etc. on them, mix it up and eat it with your fingers. Messy but probably tasty.
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