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By jnsanjay
we r using Iphones,Imates phones,HTC mobiles which r all touch screen without any button
in it,when we need to use the keyboard a small keyboard which is also a touch screen keyboard
that pops up and we use it
Can we think a computer without a keyboard it is not possible,i have an idea
i.e.,as the Iphones and HTC has small keyboard in the display with touch screen why donot
we implement in the computer. As we have mouse which acts as stylus,just pop a user free
keyboard and select it from the no need of keyboard.
By Gavin.Philips
If I understand you, you are referring to an on-screen keyboard. There are many "virtual" or "on-screen" keyboards available already. They are most often used to enable people with disabilities that prevent them from easily using a common keyboard.

One nice, versatile, free on-screen keyboard can be found at:

A different take on this idea is Dasher, which allows the user to move the mouse and "steer into" letters as they move on the screen, spelling words. It's hard to describe, but very interesting and inventive, as well as useful for certain types of people. You can find information or download at:

In general, on-screen keyboards are a bit slower than common keyboards, and tend to get in the way. They are definitely useful for some people with disabilities, but if you can use a common keyboard, you will probably prefer it. On the other hand, a separate, context-sensitive touch screen keyboard could be very interesting, so long as it functioned as well and as quickly as a common keyboard.
By nelleyz
How to change keyboard layout on Windows 7? The placement of special characters on Japanese keyboard is different from international keyboard, but Windows 7 treat my keyboard as international keyboard. This is very confusing, how do I fix it?
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