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By ub40
televisions that use directional sound with (like the lrad) to not disturb other patients.
Also make the tv tilt by remote so patients can watch tv on their side without seeing everything at the wrong angle.

Reward: peace and quiet for patients, nurses, and visitors.
My guess is that an existing (already on the market) wireless remote pillow speaker would be better for the sound.

As for tilting the picture, this would be an excellent idea to suggest to TV manufacturers who could simply redesign the display circuitry to rotate the picture electronically (and silently). This would be an inexpensive remotely controllable addition to any digital TV display circuit. The picture would be smaller when rotated but would still be easily viewable if the screen size was large enough. This would be a nice option for anyone who likes to watch TV in bed (like me).

I will now spend 1 hour trying to suggest this (free) on the Magnavox website. That's all the time I have left but I think well worth it. They have been the most innovative TV manufacturer in the last 15 years -- especially with their "Smart Sound" (automatically turns volume down on those loud commercials) and "Smart Picture" (automatically adjusts color and brightness for type of program) that many others are now copying. If they don't go for it, probably nobody else will.



I also submitted it to all the others on this neat site I found while doing this:
To tilt the picture why not just allow the screen to be rotated? My LCD computer monitor allows me to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise on its stand. I don't see why you couldn't build a digital TV to do the same. That way you don't lose picture size.
Can you imagine a 500 room hospital with 500 patients buzzing for the nurse to come rotate their screen every time they roll over? Besides that, the last three hospitals I visited patients in, all TVs were mounted near the ceiling out of harms way and out of reach of most nurses arms without a stepping stool.

Considering the MILLONS of TVs that hospitals all over the world have installed in their rooms, it would be practical to make one model just for hospitals with a square display screen so that the rotation wouldn't change the picture size. Clip a wireless rotation sensor to the patient that automatically rotates the screen as the patient rotates.
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