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By Ranzuko
My idea is to create an umbrella with lights (LEDs or OLEDS) in the internal part, which can be turned on from the handle.... so if you have to get of your car, say to change a flat tire in a dark place such as a highway or road, you will have light enough to work.

Reward: A couple of umbrellas
By Hecate
Hmm... I like this idea, but do people really carry umbrellas with them enough make this useful? Maybe you could put lights in another more commonly carried around object. Still, nice start. ;)
By ideafinder
I think the umbrella with light is a faboulous idea. Therefore, I am using it in my entreprenuership project in school. I am gonna use it to present it to my class.[/size]
By Roaddog
stick up lights.

Little LED battery opporated stick on lights. You can put them anywhere. I have them everywhere. In different color's,mood lighting and such with them as well with them. Done the umbrella too. looks great.
By SmokeyVW
this is a fabulous idea! i would suggest using LEDs as the light source. place the batteries in the handle. make the interior of the umbrella white to maximize diffuse light (to avoid glare).

a deluxe version could include rechargeable batteries with the "shake to charge" technology.
By Rjoto
so, just to be sure I have this right...

I have a flat, so I step out with my umbrella, of course (cause it's raining, right?), and I change the flat. Ok, so is this *while* I'm holding the umbrella?

Or, do I, like, set it down hoping it doesn't blow away cause it's open and it's probably windy too? Of course, if it isn't open, then wind isn't such an issue. But then if it isn't open and it isn't being used as an umbrella while it's raining and I'm changing a flat and as the other individual suggested, wouldn't (I'm only suggesting here, now) that maybe a...oh, I don't know...a *flashlight* be better in this particular situation--and maybe a rain jacket as well.

*** Now, a rain jacket with lights, now how cool is that? It's yours!!!
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