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By thinktankak
Imagine a ring that could [u]extremely[/u] accurately measure a persons stress, and display it by changing colors (Black= super stressed, green= moderately stressed, blue= no stress). Now, when a friend is stressed out, you know to tread carefully before they blow up and when your friend has no stress you can smack some jokes around. Now wouldn't that be something!

Reward: A couple of these.
By sammeli
Maybe connecting the ring to mobile phone's voice stress detection software and putting a small receiver and some kind of red light on the ring could do. Don't know if receivers are small enough to be fit into a ring.
By coup83
Cool idea, but any idea how you would go about measuring stress? Kind of sounds like a mood ring.
Even though mood rings aren't that accurate (plus wouldnt you know your own mood?) they can still tell you sorta how you feel. and your friend should be able to tell your mood, but then again you might be wrong. All in all nice idea!
By KWu
Actually, it is not that difficult to measure "Mood". You can use the same method as measuring "body fat". The most important thing to do is to collect the data such as Gender, age, ......or blood pressure.....sweat...ect. you can use regression to calculate your "Mood index".


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