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By sidseth
Instead of selling wine in a bottle or box, some of the producers should consider selling them in small casks (2 - 3 L). The material of the cask must be the same as what the manufacturer would have used to age the wine in their own cellar.

The main idea is to allow buyer the freedom to age the wine at his own home in a cask that is made from the same wood as the one manufacturer would have used. This way someone can buy the wine in this mini cask and age it as long as he or she likes.

This way people would not need to pay a large amount of money for a good quality wine only if they are willing to be patient. Also after the initial investment they will have a high quality wine available to them for any occasion.

Reward: I am not very interested in any monitory awards but if some one does find this idea appealing I would appreciate an acknowledgment at my email address
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