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By greatjay
The key to chargeless electronics is to have super conductors that allow electrons flow freely without collision or inhibition. The current problem is that these super conductors are not congenial to room temperature. If I recall right, the current super conductors can remain super until temperatures of about 168 degrees, while room temperature is about 273 degrees. But the thing is as soon as we can come up with super conducts that work in room temperature, there will be no need to charge up batteries since electrons will not collide, and charge won't be lost through heat.

Researchers are still working on this but I am now going to study physics with this being one of my main projects and objectives. It will revolutionize the world and end our energy dependence. Let me know your thoughts pls.

Reward: partaking in any projects relating to this.
Superconductors would certainly eliminate losses due to resistance in wires, but there are other power drains, like the energy needed to output light or sound, or transmit radio waves, that couldn't be eliminated. For devices like cell phones, those power drains are larger than resistive losses. Room-temp superconductors would certainly mean big advances in a lot of areas though. Hopefully, if you're going into physics, you'll be able to make progress toward them.
By krzyafrcn
Keep up the research into room tempurature super-conductors because there are tons of world changing applications just waiting for such a technology. Unfortunately free energy is not one of them; even superconducting wires would only increase the efficiency of household electronics by a couple percent by decreasing the resistance of the wires. Any useful function (such as turning a shaft or emiting light or sound) would still require energy and that is where most of the electrical energy is disipated even in todays electronics.

However, I don't want to rain on your parade because there are thousands of applications for room tempurature superconductors and if you figure out how to make that possible you will be my hero.

For example, your wires could be used as long range transmission wires for the national grids. Energy is often used hundreds of miles from where it is generated and there is significant loss as the resistance in the lines wastes a great deal of energy. Your technology could make the national grids 100% efficient. It would also drasticly lower the cost of existing superconductor applications like mag-lev trains, or be used to produce an entirely frictionless bearing or any number of things no one's even though of yet.

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