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Lithium ion batteries are undoubtedy the best and most durable, but in addition to this, i've always wondered why we couldn't just have back up batteries say 2 or 3 as back up power for devices like cell phones, laptops etc. For example if i could take the rectangular shaped battery on the back of my cell phone and instead of having just one battery, i have 3 batteries, each on being about a third of the size of the retangular battery currently in my phone so that the size is considerably smaller but without compromising the potency. So if each one of my 3 batteries was equal to the single battery currently in my phone, I would be able to have them all connected in such a way that when the first one go out of charge, the second takes over and when that one goes out of charge, the 3rd back up battery takes over. This would completely extend the usage of devices since these multi-purpose devices would not run out of charge so quickly. One of the main challenges that would need to be answered would be how to program the batteries with sensors to know when one battery is running low and automatically kick in.

Does any one have some knowledge on how this can be done?
Aluminuim could store energy and alternate possibly threw currents to contract one could again catch a spark from the battery being the main storage and
the cell around it providing it with peak energy till drawn from where turbine would come into maintain adaquate levels of permanate energy this is the cube mwhuahahahahh

sorry if i erased some information but one could see why i wouldnt describe to you the fullness of my idea for your own safety and mine please dont try most my ideas at home

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