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By flintstones
on the site you can click on the "pics" section of my profile. In that section you will find a photo album called "advanced strategic warfare." There is an illustration of a weight powered vehicle.

This vehicle converts an amount of weight into propulsion (by force). If you picture the sled with wheels under it as a person with roller skates on...then you can better understand how a person being pulled forward from the frame will be pulled into the forward quadrant of that hollow back wheel.. when this happens...all of that person's weight is transferred forward and down inside the hollow back wheel...this causes the entire vehicle to roll forward with the person...depending on how much the entire vehicle weighs...this car will roll very quickly with no rpm limit except for wind resistance..."The Flintstones Car".. by Larry Glenn Lowe.
By ragisnee
Heartened by their presence and recalling the tricks they taught him, McQueen is able to counteract Chick Hicks' dirty driving tactics and take the lead of the race.

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