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A while ago, my brother and me were watching tv and eating some Captain Iglo's Fischstäbchen for breakfast. After a while, Stig turns to me and says, "Stig, how do you know there are fish inside your Fischstäbchen?"

I answered, "Of course there are fish inside Captain Iglo's Fischstäbchen! What would be the point of calling them Captain Iglo's Fischstäbchen if there weren't fish inside the Fischstäbchen?" Stig, I thought, was just trying to provoke an argument like he so often does.

"Hang on a minute Stig," he said, "I'm serious here. You haven't looked at your Fischstäbchen once while eating, you were watching tv. Your hand motions were just automatic, and I can't believe you even tasted your Fischstäbchen because you were so distracted."

I then realized that Stig had a point. Instantly after that realization, I realized that this is a great way for companies to save lots of money... and protect animals, too!

Makers of tv dinners (Captain Iglo and others):
It is not necessary to actually put fish in your Fischstäbchen or meat in your Fleischstäbchen! The people who buy these products never notice what they're eating anyway, so you can just leave the outside crust empty, or fill it with old newspapers or industrial waste. You would save millions of animal lives, and an amazing amount of money by not having to pay for fish or meat.

Reward: Now I'm hungry. Please send me a dozen Fischstäbchen.

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