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By Steve
Imagine yourself sitting in a garden. It is summer, there is a slight breeze, and there's a clothesline somewhere with white linen sheets that are gently dancing in the sun.

Eeek. Wait a minute. Nobody had the time to wash. You were to lazy (remember, it's summer), but your mother-in-law, wife, husband, and kids didn't come to the rescue. So you're just sitting there. It is hot (remember, it's summer), the garden seems kinda naked and the wind is unnerving...

Introduce: The instant clothesline. Remember those tiny towels that are preshrunk and that you need to put into water before use? The instant clothesline is similar - it's a line with the sheets already on it, just make it wet, unroll, attach to two trees, and voila, here you go. Ahhh, summer peace at last...
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By Steve
Michael D. Grissom wrote:Do they still use those over there?

Haven't thought about it to be honest. I guess it's not something I'd see in my hometown, but something to spot in the countryside where there's enough space and two trees, or tied up in the second floor of a narrow street in Rome or Naples. That's why I thought about it as a peace-giving vacation thing, in in fact I got this idea when I was sitting on the terrace of a +100 year building in a small town in Styria. :D
By Rishi
Bangalore is not much of a small town (Population>10million), but virtually every household has a clothes line, usually discretely out of sight. It is perennial summer too. I get scorched working in the garden without having to gaze at drying towels.


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