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By Hecate
How about putting a chain for locking up your bike inside the bike's frame so when you need it, you can just pull it out?

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By swimmer
Companies make more profit in selling you the chain seperatly ...
By stud
this is a reasonable thought , i appreciate your way of looking at things!
By Gavin.Philips
Hmm, most of the tubing in a frame is sealed off at the joints, but you could possibly slip a cable or something into a handlebar, with a nice end cap on it. That would put a lot of weight up high, and in the bars, but it might be okay for a few people.

There is also the possibility of putting something down the seat tube, so you remove the saddle and pull the cable out. That would put the weight lower and toward the proper center of gravity, but the screws that hold water bottle cages might be an issue.
By James888
This is an excellent idea because it would be highly useful and it might be doable at a reasonable cost....
Good Job....
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