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By jpodraza
A car that is windpowered. A small wind turbin on the top or even underneath the car, maybe even in the front behind the grill. Cars are always producing wind. Maybe even a car that could be regenerated just by the spin of the tires. Of course their should be a battery that can be charged at home, or even by solar. this is such a great idea, and could easily be added on to cars.

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By Raikiri
this wouldn't work, would but it would be pointless because you would be slowing down the car since you are in essence taking energy from it. Any energy thats made by the turbine will be lost in petrol so its a stupid idea as well as the tyre idea.
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By Justin Valle
What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Think about it, the energy needed to spin the tires will be the same or more than the energy they can give back. You are suggesting a form of perpetual motion -Da Vinci and Einstein have both gone down this road and given up.
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