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By st0neage
This is out of reach of my personal techno savvy, but would one of you young geniuses please invent a pop-up blocker for TELEVISION. Here in the States, on cable TV, our screens are constantly bombarded with pop-ups that are annoying and interrupt the show. Most of them are ads for up-coming shows and they tend to show up either in the corner of the screen or across the bottom. Can they be blocked as are internet pop-ups?

Reward: The undying thanks of a grateful humanity.
Plus, I'm sure it will make you rich.
By c2hr0is89
I understand your pain, but it might not work.

I don't know a lot computer stuff, but I know when you browse the internet your browser downloads information to be displayed on the screen. Thus advertisers write programs that runs on Flash or Javascript and your browser will download and run the these applications such as pop-ups.

On the other hand, while watching your show, the advertisements that are displayed on the T.V. are controlled by the broadcaster.

If you can get enough people to write letters to the T.V. station saying that these ads are annoying they will probably stop.
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