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By Strijer20
A box that only unlocks when you blow into a(n) attached/detached breathalyzer.

This would let someone take all the keys of party guests and know who to let drive when they leave easily!

Reward: getting the product for free
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By scriptwizard
Awesome idea. I was having the same worry last night. Had this product existed and I known about it, I surely would have bought one. ;D
By ozzy
This technology already exists. There is a company in Australia that does sell this idea. However, the technology in an accurate brethalyser is very expensive, we are talking in the thousands of dollars. For this idea to be plausable it would need to conform to state and national standards which means simply you would have to employ the technology the police have access to. The companys that sells these units to police, will only sell them to police as there is no reason for another party to have it. You would have to make the item tamper proof, which would be next to impossible as a electronically gifted person could easily "hotwire" the device.
It is a good idea, but very impratical. I believe the last i heard of this technology being implemented in a commercial fashon the cost was estimated around the $10k mark.

The easist solution to the problem is dont drink and drive.

Dont mean to be too critical.

By Wizmatic
This is the easiest solution. Don't drink and drive. Why do people drink and drive and put others in harms way?
By ozzy
Unfortunatly people DO drink and drive because they are selfish and do not have an understading of the concequences. i am talking from personal experience. Humans as a race [when is comes down to the minimal] are only in it for themselves. Its a basic fact of self presevation, that is, look after number one, ie. I must get home or ILL be in trouble with MY missus.

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