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By Siltee
This is a simple motion control/capture device to be retrofit over any TV (can be programmed) which allows the user to control the tv using simple hand gestures. For example wave up for volume up, down for volume down. Wave right for channel up, left for channel down. Great for couch potatoes. Can easilly be made with technology available today.

Reward: Credit.
By Harshit
Consistent and reliable performance might be a problem. You don't want to end up waving ur hands 10 times and then resorting back to the conventional method. There are other problems also. It may not work in dark . And if many people are sitting in front of the TV or there are other sources of motion, how do u decide who is the controller ?? We can have voice based remotes instead.

But is it worth investing in this ?? Is clicking buttons so difficult ??
By Siltee
I am glad to say I have some of your valid issues covered. 1) When dark, the unit will have its own led source with a detector to switch on when it is dark. I dont envision that it needs too much light to work anyway. 2) Motion capture devices and DSPs are getting better and better, and with the possible advent of mass merchandising / use, they would warrant more investment to be more precise, plus the motions I am talking about are minimal. 3) decision on who the controler is - well that is when you would override with the older method, I think the most prevalent scenario nowadays is a one person viewer.

finally, you are sitting - nay lying down comfortably, and the remote is a touch too far, Buttons all of a sudden seem tooo difficult!!
By amorriso
What happens if you're having a conversation with someone in front of the TV set and waving your hands to illustrate the points you're trying to make? Your TV would go insane!

Maybe you could have a Wii type controller as a TV remote. Then you could change channels and volume by waving the remote around. Not any more efficient than a normal remote, but more cool. !+)
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