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By The Idea Maker
When I go into a public restroom, I line the toilet seat a thousand times with tissue, flush the toilet with my shoe and then head for the sink to clean my hands. I turn around and ughhh I have to touch that unsanitary door knob that Betty Sue touched before me. The difference, Betty Sue didnt wash her hands. I want a sanitizing machine that sprays the door knob after its been turned. Maybe it can circle the door knob shooting a mist of sanitizing spray on all sides. Whats the point of washing your hands, if you are touching the last person hands who didnt wash up?

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By ripost
Yes, or even better (?) Install automatic door openers, so you can get out of the toilet without touching the door knob.
This topic needs to be explored. I can only imagine what people use or have used to open public restroom doors. I am surprised nobody has come up with a viable solution to that.
By greatjay
#15039 is a wonder why this hasn't been explored. I think an automatic sanitizer that sprays the door handle seconds afters it's been opened may be a more viable option because it's not only restrooms that would need this. We all need it even in our homes. Reduced flu!
By Robin C. Morgn
The cheapest, and that makes it the best idea, is to have all multi-user bathroom doors open out, not in. The other next best idea is to use a towel to open the door and have a trash can near the door either inside or outside. ;-D

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