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By dmac
I'm not a scientist or inventor of any kind but it does make me mad when I park in a crowded parking lot and I come back to my car to see a ding in the side of it from someone opening their door and hitting it. This idea is very simple but it might help. Some type of pad you can put on the side of your door to keep other doors from hitting it. All it has to be is padding on a magnet. You can just stick the pad to your car when you park with the magnet. Then when you leave, you can just take the padding off and throw it in your car.

Reward: Free product
By mattsmoski
I like it.
It is similar to my idea of having a material along the whole side of a car so that when you use your 4x4 you don't get scratches from brush. I made a proto type and it worked real good.
The pad needs to cover a large enough area and be foldable for easy storage. Magnetic is perfect.
Some insulation types are made of foam and are of any thickness. This would work real good. If the car gets hit hard enough then it would dent but not scratch or very little. The foam used for wood flooring that you snap the sections together is a good thickness and not too bulky. A magnetic strip like on a roll could be sewn along the edge to keep it in place and also from blowing away.

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